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Tree Services

We can deal with any tree after 2 decades of experience. The Maleny Tree Services Team can provide you with the peace of mind that we will get the job done.

If you have a problem tree that is ruining a once available view, encroaching on power lines, blocking out the sunlight, blocking gutters, then you need Maleny Tree Services.

Looking to prepare for storm season? Need to prevent limbs from falling? We can help keep you and your property safe by removing dead and dying branches before they fall. We are qualified and insured and our aim is to keep your trees in too shape whilst carefully removing any problems they may be causing.

Our Team can handle any tree, anywhere across the Range and Hinterland and beyond.

- The Right Advice!
- Pruning and Removal
- Tree Climbing Services
- Chipping and Removal
- 15" Diameter Mulcher
- Excavator Mounted Mulcher
- Stump Grinding
- 3 Tonne Excavator
- 14 Tonne Excavator
- Bobcat Hire
- Truck Hire
- Cherry Picker Hire

Bamboo Be Gone!

Its removal is one of our specialities!

Earthmoving & Excavation

We have all the equipment and expertise needed to clean up your property.
3 Excavator
14 Tonne Excavator
14 Tonne Excavator with Mulching Head
Tracked Bobcat


With the knowledge & experience acquired over 20 years on the Range, David and his Team can assist you in the selection of different fence and gate options. Maleny Tree Services can supply advice based on your needs and install all types of fencing and gates for your garden and wider property.
Timber Fences and Gates
Aluminium Fences and Gates
Electric & Solar
Sporting Fences
Children’s Play Areas
Animal and Pet Runs

Landscape Design & Construction

Maleny Tree Services specialises in all aspects of landscaping. Call us to discuss what you need and we’ll get onsite to see what we can help you with. We can transform your ideas - or your headaches - into a place of beauty and functionality!

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